topify cover image

small web app that shows top data from your spotify account. allows for viewing top tracks and artists within a selectable time range.

built with vue.js and spotify's API. deployed on vercel.



bannerista cover image

a discord bot created for 95 degrees that tracks text and voice activity and creates a daily leaderboard of most to least active members in the form of a grid of avatars which can be used as the server's banner image.

the bot can be managed via the web dashboard, which allows for uploading and selection of overlay styles, leaderboard data management and configuring of various settings.

bot built with node.js, discord.js, mongodb, express and puppeteer. running on a vultr cloud compute vps.

dashboard built with vue.js. deployed on vercel.

2022 cover image

the site you're currently looking at! this is my personal website with stuff about me, my interests and some of my projects.

built with nuxt.js. deployed on vercel.